About Liz


Liz is a lifelong writer, journalist, editor, media critic, and advocate for social justice. She writes frequently about feminism, education, race, and justice issues for various publications. While working as a high school Spanish instructor with Teach for America in Memphis, Tennessee, she wrote a novel about inner city students and teachers. As a a writer and editor, she is dedicated to amplifying the voices of marginalized people everywhere.

Liz has worked as a managing editor for AlterNet, a managing editor for Odyssey, and a news writer for Bustle. Her writing has also been published at Forbes.com, Salon, Pacific Standard, BUST Magazine, Refinery29, Raw Story, Truthout, JNS, The Times of Israel, the Jewish Voice, TeacherPop, Crack the Spine, Down in the Dirt, Dead Snakes, and 50 Word Stories. Her story “Habibi” received Honorable Mention in Memphis Magazine’s 2015 Fiction Contest.


Liz has known she was destined for a writing career since the 5th grade, when she wrote, edited, published, and distributed her own namesake magazine, Lizard-X (sadly, the zine is only available in print, and you'd have to dig through a lot of her elementary school book reports to find it). 

She graduated from Brandeis University where she scripted and produced two plays, contributed regularly to and edited for student newspaper The Justice, and wrote an award-winning philosophy thesis on beauty and metaphysics.

In her free time, she loves to scuba dive, travel, practice yoga, and continue her hunt for the best everything bagel in New York City. Taye Diggs follows her on Twitter. 




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